Tuesday, March 28, 2006


Today I received another donation that put me at the $1000 mark. I am very thankful for everyone who has donated so far to get me to this point. As of today I'm just under 1/3 of the way to my goal and I hope things continue to go well. So again thank you for all who have been so giving towards this cause.

My training continues to go pretty well. I have started to get in the pool again a bit, but it’s a little slow going. I've kind of lost the endurance that I had built up in the swim, but I'm not too worried. Hopefully within a couple of weeks I should be back to about where I was at the beginning of March. I have three more group workouts yet this week, which I'm always looking forward too. Below are a couple of pictures from our group cycle class last week. I will try and post any more pictures that I get between now and the race. The bottom picture is of my coach and I. I hope you all are doing well and thank you again for all your support.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Progress Report

Overall things are going well so far in my training. I have had to take a little bit of time off from the swim because of some shoulder issues, but that my only major concern. Since I haven't been able to swim I've been helping out during our group swim and helping the new athletes. It's amazing how quickly some of them have progressed and are really looking good in the water.

Besides the swim I've been keeping up on my spin classes and running at least once a week. I'll be doing more running and biking when the snow melts. Since running in my best portion of the race I'm that worried about only getting in one run a week.

I just want to thank everyone who as donated so far. I really appreciate how giving and supportive you all have been. With all my letters out now hopefully the funds will continue to come it. My goal is to hopefully be close to 1,600 by the end of the first week in April. This is when we recommit to our fundraising efforts. It would be great to be about 1/2 way to my goal. Thanks again for all your donations. If you feel like sharing my story and what I'm doing please feel free to spread the word. The more people know the better chance there is for aiding the LLS. Thanks again...

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Philly Tri

I've set up this blog for people to see my progress as I training for the Philadelphia Triathlon as a member of Team in Training. I'm going to try my best to update this blog once or twice a week with descriptions of my training. I hope you'll stop by from time to time and see how I'm doing.